1 July 2014

AJ and Glitch Music

AJ and Glitch are two girls from Australia's Sunshine Coast with a passion for singing. AJ and Glitch are both fourteen, and have been singing all their life, and are waiting for their big break into the music world.

AJ recently moved to the Sunshine Coast, making friends with Glitch. Music means a lot to her, as she sings whenever she is bored, happy, sad, or any other emotion she may be feeling. Her passion for singing sparked from her father, who had a band with his mates. He has encouraged her love of music.

Glitch can sing, play piano, and is learning the guitar. To this day she sings although the people around her have always believed she couldn't. Glitch recently sung a cover of 'Stay' by Rihanna.

AJ and Glitch are two very talented young girls, who both have the potential to make it big in the music world. Show your support by liking their Facebook page, which you can find here.

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  1. Hey it's AJ. Thank you for advertising us. Glitch and I repond to every inbox, so feel free to ask any questions